The Des Moines Register reports Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri and Nebraska are warned to take precautions leading up to what Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad says is the worst flooding he can remember on the Missouri River.

Branstad called the flooding in western Iowa is “a very serious situation” and officials expect water levels to remain high through August. The Iowa Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is building a secondary retaining wall to protect Hamburg, Iowa but have asked about 600 residents on the southside of the city to evacuate the area.

Livestock farmers along the Missouri River are encouraged to have emergency plans in place to move animals to higher ground and state officials are monitoring road conditions to ease potential evacuations.

Brig Gen. Derek Hill, administrator of the Iowa Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, told the Des Moines Register flooding in parts of western Iowa could range from “a few hundred feet to as much as two miles into the state.”

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Source: The Des Moines Register