Earlier this summer, Montana State University observed some volunteer wheat plants that were not responding to treatment with glyphosate in a small area on one of their research farms where historic Roundup Ready Wheat field trials were conducted. MSU discovered the plants as part of their ongoing monitoring associated with the prior GM trials and contacted Monsanto. MSU and Monsanto determined that the plants were GM and promptly notified USDA.

USDA has been managing and investigating this matter since July. They have informed stakeholders that the volunteers that were discovered are contained, and based on all evidence, they have no reason to believe GM wheat is in commerce.

MSU and Monsanto are cooperating fully with USDA’s investigation of the matter. USDA is managing this as a local compliance matter associated with a closed out regulated field trial, and view it as unrelated and very different from the discovery of Roundup Ready Wheat in a commercial wheat farmer’s field in Oregon last year.