NDSU’s Dickinson Research Center told producers unharvested forage corn can now be used for grazing livestock late last year, but that’s not where its uses stop.

Mastergraze corn forage is at the top of the list for multipurpose usages. Jonah Atkins at Master’s Choice Seed said, MasterGraze makes a highly-palatable short-term pasture crop. It can also work well for silage or baleage production if cut and allowed to lay in the field to dry down to the proper moisture level.”

As research continues into the uses of corn forage, NDSU continues to lead the pack in discoveries citing their corn forage trials.

For more information on corn forage varieties and the trial see the original article by Sue Roesler at http://www.minnesotafarmguide.com/news/crop/corn-forage-varieties-excellent-for-grazing-baling-silage/article_1c46b3c8-bc1b-11e3-b63d-0019bb2963f4.html