What started as a group of ag-centric counties moving to split from Colorado has now spread across the state – and country.  

MSNBC reports that efforts to form North Colorado has been received well in most meetings with local voters, and this secession fever has garnered outside interest from counties in Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Maryland and New York.

“There could be multiple states that end up petitioning Congress at the same time. People always say how do we get this through Congress? And the answer is that we may not be the only group,” Organizer Jeffery Hare, a member of the Weld County (Colo.) Council told MSNBC.

In Colorado, secession fever is slowly cooling; however, some now push for alternative plan to give rural Colorado counties more power in the state legislature.

"See, “Secession fever cools, rural Colorado looks to retool representation.”

The secession movement was spurred by this year’s legislation session, during which state lawmakers passed gun control legislation and called for more renewable energy and less oil and gas production. Read more here.