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… We need your input for the 2011 National Beef Quality Audit!

… Tender beef cuts can be marinated for 15 minutes to two hours for flavor – less tender should marinate for at least six hours, no more than 24 if using an acidic ingredient.

Beef Board budget set at $41 million.

Growing U.S. Beef Exports

Over the past two decades, exports have become increasingly important to the economic picture for U.S. beef producers. In fact, in 2010, U.S. beef exports reached a value of more than $4 billion - the highest level on record. This video reports on the effort to continue growing U.S. beef exports in Asia. View the video on the MyBeefCheckoff YouTube channel.

Maximize Forage Quality at Harvest

Ensiled forages are the most common feeds used on dairy farms. However, silages also are the most variable feeds on the farm. The nutritive value of silage affects animal health and production and the overall quality of dairy and beef products.

Here are six goals for improving silage stability and preventing nutrient loss during harvesting:

•             Harvest forage at suitable maturity stage.

•             Chop forage at correct cut lengths.

•             Harvest and store feeds at proper moisture levels.

•             Pack forage tightly in the silage storage structure.

•             Seal silage storage structures quickly and securely.

•             Ensile forage at least two to three weeks before feeding.

The Dairy Animal Care & Quality Assurance (DACQA) program supports the use of proper ensiling techniques to maintain the nutritive value of forages. It is recommended that dairy producers work with a nutritionist to help formulate quality rations and monitor/consult with him routinely.

Click here for more checkoff-funded dairy beef quality “tips.”

Cast Your Vote For National Beef Cook-Off Recipes!

From June 27-July 8, the 20 National Beef Cook-Off finalist recipes were posted on the checkoff-funded http://www.beefcookoff.org/recipevoting.aspx link for America’s consumers to cast their votes daily for their favorite recipe. The top five finalist recipes receiving the most votes will receive an additional one to five points added to their recipe’s final judging score. On July 7-8, a panel of five judges from national food women’s magazines, local San Francisco media outlets and food bloggers, including Senior Food Editor Julie Miltenberger from Family Circle and Neisha Lofings, food editor with the Sacramento Bee gathered to judge the 20 finalist recipes in a private showing at Ketchum Food Center, San Francisco. Four category winners, one per category, will receive $3,000 in cash after the category winners are announced on or about July 15.

Giving Men the Facts on Beef

Men love beef but see it as more of an indulgence than an everyday protein choice -- until now, anyway. A recent feature on the popular blog, The Bachelor Guy, seeks to educate young, male consumers on the benefits of beef in a healthy lifestyle including heart health, muscle development and weight management. To help promote beef’s benefits in a fun, interactive way, the blogger is conducting a giveaway with readers to win a checkoff I Heart Beef prize pack by sharing why they love beef on Twitter and using an #I<3Beef hashtag.