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… … Cows cause global warming? Incorrect. Beef production accounts for less emissions than you might think.

… We're simplifying Beef's Twitter presence! Our checkoff handle is changing from @BeefForDinner to @Beef. In other words, we're moving from twitter.com/BeefForDinner to twitter.com/Beef. Everything else - the design, tone, past and present content, and our followers - will remain the same.

 Did you know …

... that the millennial population in the United States is the largest generation – at 80 million strong -- and the most connected? In fact, forecasts indicate that this important generation of consumers (now between 20 and 34 years old) will outspend baby boomers by 2017, as household size and food spending decline among older generations. By 2020, millennial spending is expected to reach $1.4 trillion a year! (Click on the ad to the right to view an enlarged version.)

… that nearly half of babies in the United States have used a computer or mobile device before their second birthday? In general, millennial families with children ages 8 and younger have recorded a five-fold increase in ownership of tablet devices, such as iPads, from 8 percent of all families in 2011 to an astounding 40 percent in 2013! In addition, the percentage of children with access to some type of “smart” mobile device – such as smart phones or tablets – at home has jumped from 52 percent to 75 percent in the last two years.

… that millennials, who are just entering child-bearing years, currently are reducing the amount of beef that they serve to their kids? This could have negative long-term repercussions if the beef industry does not respond with solid, science-based information about beef that would make this generation more inclined to increase consumption of it.

All of this translates to tremendous opportunities for the Beef Checkoff Program, because millennials are a growing generation, with growing families and growing influence, who will make beef-buying decisions for the next 40-plus years. That's why your beef checkoff program has invested in important market research to get to know this generation and guide development and delivery of important beef information to them. In short, the checkoff is adjusting its beef promotion and education programs to fit the millennial bill.

Veal Program Promotional Activities 

On Nov. 22, the Beef Checkoff Program launched a holiday Facebook promotion targeting the millennial demographic. During the eight-week sweepstakes, participants can enter to win two iPad Airs -- one for the winner and one for a friend -- after liking the Veal Made Easy Facebook page. In its first week, the promotion garnered a lift in Facebook page likes and fan engagement, with cross-marketing on both the Veal Made Easy website and Veal Made Easy Twitter handle. Learn more about the contest here.

A veal sandwich strategy unfolded in November with Rizzuto’s, a Connecticut-based restaurant chain, assisting in development of the “VLT” (Veal, Lettuce and Tomato). Rizzuto’s will feature the new VLT on its December and January menus. Rizzuto customers will be asked to participate in an online survey about their eating experience.

In December, a consumer research project will kick off with veal demos and consumer intercepts at Fairway Market, a New York based supermarket chain.