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Beef Twitter Party

The Twitterverse caught on fire with a beef checkoff-funded #BeefSizzles Twitter Party with moms across the nation on July 2, 2013. Participants followed hashtag #BeefSizzles and @Momhatescooking and engaged in conversations about beef on the grill.

Two hours after the event, there had been 4,069 tweets. Of those, 47 percent (1,907) were retweeted. The party resulted in 4.2 million social media impressions with 86 percent from females, and 98.5 percent from the U.S. (largest state representation: Texas (15.12 percent), Florida (13.18 percent) followed by Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Tennessee and California, all with about 7.5 percent).

“Beef. It’s Just How It’s Done.”

When you want to grill a steak, grill a steak, because face it: Nothing sizzles like steak.

Consumer research shows tht when we sit down to enjoy the moments that really matter, beef on the grill is just how it’s done.

  • 65 percent of men prefer beef over chicken (26 percent) and pork (7 percent)
  • 62 percent of women prefer beef over chicken (30 percent) and pork (7 percent).2
  • More than half of Americans surveyed believe serving steak to someone best says “I love you.” Americans ranked steak at 51 percent, followed by chicken and fish (9 percent each) and pork (3 percen).1
  • 87 percent of Americans grill outdoors and, when they do, beef is their favorite meat (63 percent).2
  • A recent grilling study revealed that nearly two out of three Americans choose beef as the ONE meat they grill most often: Beef (63 percent), chicken (29 percent), pork (7 percent) and ish/seafood (1 percent).2
  • Steak (34 percent) was chosen more than any other meat as having the potential to drive someone crazy with its aroma, compared with pork ribs (15 percent), chicken (9 percent) or fish (7 percnt).1                                       

For about 150 calories, a 3-oz serving of lean beef provides 10 essential nutrients and keeps today’s familiesy fueled with simply great food and a variety of high-value choices.

  • Lean beef is a high-quality protein and a top source for readily absorbable iron and zinc.3,4,5
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Beef Prices Q&A

There are many factors impacting beef prices, such as supply, weather and weekly beef -slaughter levels.  American’s cattlemen and women have been faced with tremendous challenges to increase cattle and beef supplies, particularly from the longest drought ever in our most productive U.S. cattle markets. The impact of these conditions are visible in higher wholesale beef prices.

  • Nonetheless, demand for beef remains high, especially this grilling season, with wholesale demand up 2.6 percent so far this year. In fact, 65 percent of consumers who grill beef say they plan to do so at least once a week this summer.1 And the good news is there are many simple ways shoppers can save on beef, like buying bulk packs of beef at the store or looking for portioned sizes of their favorite high-quality steak items at the meat case.
  • With ths, demand for beef at all price points it high, and ag economists expect it to remain strong. No other protein offers the sizzle to satisfy and the essential nutrients your body needs at about $1 per serving.

According to the latest market research, consumers continue to purchase beef both when dining at home and at restaurants. When asked about the value for the money, nearly 80 percent of consumers find steak prices acceptable at a grocery store and in restaurants, responding that beef prices are "just about right", "expensive but worth it", or inexpensive and worth it.” 2

  • Beef prices at retail are 1.8 percent higher right now than they were a year ago, which amounts to about $0.08 more per pound. 3
  • A cooked 3-ounce serving of beef, which provides nearly half of the Daily Value of protein, costsan average of about $1.10 per serving.3
  • The average price for all beef is around $4.30 per pound; ground beef (all) is $3.62 per pound; steaks/roasts are averaging $5.30 per pound.
  • It’s hard to say how much prices will increase. Prices depend on demand and demand is unpredictable because it’s based on consumer confidence in the economy, which impacts when you eat out versus spending at grocery. In the end, consumers are in the driver' seat.
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