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Connecting with Foodservice Decision Makers

With support from the checkoff-funded Veal Marketing team and the Texas Beef Council, veal was a featured protein at the 2012 Southwest Foodservice Expo. One of the largest foodservice tradeshows in the nation, this year’s expo featured more than 800 exhibitors and 17,000 attendees from all sectors of the foodservice industry including restaurant chains, independent restaurants and product distributors. The beef checkoff booth showcased veal recipes such as Veal Chili and Veal Short Ribs, which were sampled by restaurant operators, culinary students, educators and celebrity chefs. Presence at the event helped offer inspiration, recipes and resources to those making business decisions and planning menus at the foodservice level and. For more information, visit VealFoodservice.com

Ground Veal Grows in Popularity

An increasing number of restaurants are beginning to include ground veal on their menus. Most recently, Il Fornaio kicked off a limited-time offer (LTO) of Pasta chi Purpetti – a pasta dish with veal meatballs. The checkoff team has worked closely with Il Fornaio for several years to promote veal’s versatility and taste, and emphasizing how the operator could implement underutilized cuts from the square cut chuck which includes ground veal. The checkoff continues to work closely with leading foodservice restaurants such as Il Fornaio and Macaroni Grill to secure veal items on menus across the country. For more information, visit VealFoodservice.com

Foodservice Editors Rediscover Veal Appeal

The checkoff continues its aggressive media relations campaign directed to shape culinary influencer attitudes and opinions about veal. To date, more than 1 million people have read how chefs across the country are inspired to create fresh dishes with veal. November’s Restaurant Hospitality, read by over 97,000 restaurant decision makers, featured rising star chef Micah Wexler’s veal dumplings. Veal Breast was the spotlight ingredient in Food Arts magazine’s “Mystery Basket,” a feature that encourages chefs to “think inside the box” by providing three chefs with a box of mystery ingredients and challenging them to create an innovative dish. Most recently, an article titled, “Veal’s the Real Deal,” was secured in the National Culinary Review. The article showcased interviews coordinated by the checkoff with top corporate chefs including Bravo/Brio Restaurant Group and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. For more information, visit VealFoodservice.com.

July Producer Profile:  Don Gurtner, Indiana

Cattlemen's Beef Board (CBB) member Don Gurtner has been a dairyman almost from the first day he donned long pants. "I was a sophomore in high school when I moved in with my grandfather and started in the dairy business," he said. "I graduated in 1957 and I've been here the whole time."

Get to know Don here.

New Veal Recipe Inspiration for Chefs

A new veal foodservice recipe, Pulled Veal with Sweet & Savory BBQ Sauce, was created for use in national marketing and local market efforts such as state beef council-supported food shows, events, culinary ideation and with local media. Derived from culinary ideation efforts at the Veal Big Idea Event, the new recipe concept is designed to encourage foodservice chefs to look at veal for more casual concepts and culinary trends. The full recipe and supporting images are posted here.