Roger Johnson, president of the National Farmers Union (NFU) addressed the need for a farm bill at the 2011 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention.  At the convention, hosted by the American Association of Crop Insurers and National Crop Insurance Services, Johnson discussed the need for farm programs and stressed the importance of a safety net in the 2012 Farm Bill.

According to an NFU news release, Johnson said that producers cannot rely solely on market correction when it comes to food.  Food markets, he points out, are unable to self-correct.

“When prices are low, farmers and ranchers do not produce less food to decrease supply, and consumers do not purchase more food to drive up demand,” Johnson said. “Likewise, when prices are high, producers are limited in how much more they can producers to meet demand, and people in the developing world go hungry.”

Johnson also advocated for the inclusion of a strong safety net in the 2012 Farm Bill.

“A robust safety net is critical to the safety and well-being of American agriculture and society in general,” said Johnson. “Americans spend only ten cents of every disposable dollar on food, the lowest rate in the industrialized world. Policymakers should work to strengthen the safety net by designing policies to assist farmers and ranchers during difficult times instead of simply all the time. A strong safety net in the next farm bill is in the best interest of producers as well as consumers.”

Source: National Farmer's Union