N.J. packing plant reopens after upping humane practices

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Catelli Brothers, Inc., a New Jersey veal and lamb processing plant, was shut down by the U.S. Department of Agriculture after five videos were received on Jan. 24, two which showed violation of federal regulation for humane slaughter.

According to an USA Today article, the edited videos were taken undercover and provided by the Humane Society of The United States.

The USDA issued a letter on Jan. 27 to Catelli Brothers outlining the offences found in the videos.

Video Exhibit A, dated September 24, 2013, showed a conscious calf on the bleed rail after employees failed to stun the calf with a hand-held captive bolt gun.

According to USDA regulation, “Immediately after the stunning blow is delivered the animals shall be in a state of complete unconsciousness and remain in the condition throughout shackling, sticking and bleeding.”

Video Exhibit C, dated October 17, 2013, recorded employees dragging a calf by the neck with a chain amongst other violations. These actions were noncompliant by standards which state, “The dragging of disabled animals and other animals unable to move, while conscious is prohibited.”

While regulation states that downed animals are able to be moved, it must happen by suitable equipment.

After taking actions to comply with USDA regulation, the plant has been cleared for reopen.

In a statement released on Catelli Brothers’ website, the company said it has installed Arrowsight, a remote controlled, 24/7, third-party surveillance system developed by Dr. Temple Grandin.

The company also said it has retrained all employees and will have an increase in quality assurance audits.

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Randy Janssen    
San Antonio  |  February, 14, 2014 at 09:12 AM

The HSUS is not your local animal shelter. The HSUA has been hijacked by radical animal rights activist. It is an over 150 million dollar corporation that spends almost every dime it gets on obscene salaries and filing lawsuits. It raises money by showing ads of cute dogs and cats, but it spends less then 1 cent on the dollar to feed and shelter cats and dogs. More and more members of congress are questioning the tax free status of the HSUS because of its political activities. The HSUS IS AGAINST RODEO AND WESTERN TRADITIONS. IT IS FOR A VEGETERIAN LIFE STYLE AND AGAIST EATING MEAT. The HSUS has been accused of paying employes to abuse animals and videoing the abuse as proof that meat production should be stopped. The HSUS wants to change our eating habits and standard of living by outlawing factory farming methods which are used on family farms. The HSUS is bad for America so don't applaud its lackeys. If you want to support something think about giving to the child fund, St. Jude, the Wounded Warriors, or you local food bank. If you want to help animals, give money to you local animal shelter. Giving money to the HSUS is giving money to a large bureaucracy that waste it on salaries and litigation. It claims to do good but if you really look at what it does, it only piggybacks on the work of local organizations.

Jan Rochester    
Kentucky  |  February, 14, 2014 at 10:56 PM

Very good and accurate statement

Jr McKee    
Ms  |  February, 14, 2014 at 01:32 PM

I am 100% for humane animal treatment and slaughter practices, but it's a crying shame that those who are paid to enforce these practices are looking the other way and it's left up to An organization such as HSUS to see that the regulations are followed. It is the fault of those who mistreat animals for letting HSUS get where and who they are today.

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