The Nebraska Cattlemen Association (NCA) is seeking to revive the state’s legacy as “The Beef State” in celebration of the organization’s 125th anniversary.

The NCA Board of Directors is promoting a new license plate design with the phrase, “The Beef State.” This tagline appeared on Nebraska’s license plates from 1956 to 1965.

The state legislature allows organizations to propose a license plate design. However, 500 applications for this new design must be submitted before the plates are printed and distributed to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

NCA has proposed three designs for the new plates. A poll on the organization’s website allows voters to choose the winning design.

According to the North Platte Telegraph, the revival of “The Beef State” plates is a source of pride for many Nebraskan cattlemen.

"Our goal is to make Nebraska the beef epicenter of the world," said Pete McClymont, vice president of NCA legislative affairs. "We have excellent producers, feedlots and feed. Those translate into the largest industry in the state. The sale of feeder and fat cattle contributes $6 billion every year to Nebraska's economy."

With over 3,000 members belonging to the NCA, McClymont is certain the plates will obtain the 500 applications necessary to make “The Beef State” plates official.

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Should the 500 application threshold be met, the plates will not be available in the DMV for another four to five weeks. These plates will incur $70 fee in addition to the regular car registration fee and taxes.

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