“All resources are scarce” is the fundamental rule of economics, and cattlemen are struggling to increase cattle production while keeping water costs down. Water conservation requires everyone to give up self-interest in order to maintain a water supply for future generations.

Water may seem limitless now, but the long-term need for sustainability has caused the Nebraska unicameral to develop a water task force.

Nebraska State Senator Ken Schilz said simply, “We can’t do things like our grandparents used to do things. Times change.”

Indeed, practices will have to change to respond to the anticipated 100 percent increase in food production needed by 2050 while conserving water for future sustainability. The Nebraska legislature is devoting 28 days between now and the end of the year to generate new ideas and regulations to protect this natural resource.

Although an easy solution to an impending water crisis doesn’t exist, ultimately, conserving water and promoting a sustainable future will require a global cooperation of cattlemen, farmers, and city folk too.

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