A premium beef product made in the Midwest is looking to regain the reputation it owned in Asia a decade ago.

Spencer Beef, produced by Cargill Meat Solutions, will be branded as a Nebraska product in Japan. The brand, produced in Schuyler, Neb. had a strong reputation prior to the case of mad cow disease which resulted in a ban of U.S. meat by Japan in 2003.

According to a Cargill release, Nebraska Agriculture Director Greg Ibach is visiting with a Nebraska beef processor in Japan to reintroduce Spencer Beef. The decision was made in January following Japan’s decision to allow U.S. beef from animals less than 30 months of age.

Ibach acknowledged Cargill’s effort to place a high value on products carrying the Nebraska name in foreign markets. “The events this week are part of NDA’s ongoing effort to brand Nebraska as a premier supplier of high quality agricultural goods to the international marketplace.”

According to the release, sales of fresh and frozen Nebraska beef to Japan annually averaged $340 million in the five years prior to the stop in exports in 2003.