The Ensz Feedlot in Nebraska has asked to build a 100-foot wind turbine tower on its property to help reduce electricity costs, according to Lisa Wiegand of Gage County Planning and Zoning. The Gage County Board of Supervisors are considering the request.

Excess power from the turbine will be sold to Nebraska Public Power District, Scott Koperski reported for the Beatrice Daily Sun.

“Gage County has two types of regulations for wind energy,” Wiegand said. “We have a single wind energy system and then we also have commercial wind systems... The biggest thing here is this particular tower is going to be used on site. All electric will be used there and any extra generation that they have will be sold back to Nebraska Public Power and that’s how it will remain in system.”

The request will likely be voted on at the County Board's Oct. 15 meeting.

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