The Omaha World-Herald reports agricultural organizations including Nebraska Cattlemen and the Nebraska Farm Bureau formed a new group defending agriculture against animal rights groups.

The formation of “We Support Agriculture” was announced in a news conference this week. Initial WSA members each contributed $5,000 to get the group up and running. Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Pork Producers Association, Nebraska Poultry Industries and the Nebraska State Dairy Association are the first members, but other ag groups are encouraged to join.

The WSA is designed to oppose “extreme animal rights organizations” who want to change animal agriculture practices across the nation. One practice animal rights groups want to change is livestock confinement. The group has seen the effects of the Human Society of the United States and is concerned HSUS will target activities in Nebraska.

Pete McClymont, a Nebraska Cattlemen executive told the World-Herald the WSA is taking a more proactive approach to fighting animal rights groups. “We will not negotiate with them. In the states where they've been successful, people sat back and waited. We haven't done that."

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Source: The Omaha World-Herald