Specialists at the University of Nebraska’s West Central Research & Extension Center will host the North American Invasive Plant Ecology & Management Short Course June 25 thru June 27 in North Platte.

University of Nebraska weed ecologist Steve Young, PhD, says the course is an opportunity for land managers landowners, policymakers, researchers, and graduate students to receive training in the basics of invasive plant ecology and management. The three-day course provides in-depth learning on the principles of integrated weed management, herbicide modes of action, plant identification, biological control, GPS and remote sensing applications, and spatial distribution analysis of invasive plant species populations. Instructors also will address restoration practices designed specifically for managing invasive plant species.

The intensive field course will combine hands on workshops, site visits and instructor-led discussion sessions to provide the most in-depth, comprehensive education on a variety of principles and topics related to invasive plant ecology and management.

A special session on biocontrol for invasive weeds will explore current and future potential for using biological methods for controlling invasive weeds.

Detailed information about the short course and registration information are available online from the University of Nebraska.