A new cologne made with a list of scents considered to be aromatherapeutic to livestock is available to farmers, ranchers or anyone nostalgic about agriculture.

New Farmer’s cologne also pleasing to livestockThe cologne was released in July by the Portland General Store, a company whose other scents include “Moonshine,” “Moss” and “Tobacco.” The company claims its Famer’s cologne use scents that are pleasing to cows and livestock.

Portland General Store co-owner Lisa Brodar told the Los Angeles Times the cologne came about as both store owners developed an interest in homesteading and farming. Brodar says some strong fragrances can upset cows and developing a scent appealing to both livestock and humans was challenging.

Although the cologne has been field-tested, online orders are shipping to more urban locations. Major cities with the highest sales of Farmer’s cologne are Austin, Chicago and New York City.