The new Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor by RCMR Inc. is more compatible with the New World series Allison transmission with PTO drive component on the engine side of the torque converter.  This new model eliminates most of the drive line components and replaces them with hydraulic hoses to carry the drive energy to the hydraulic motors that power the working components of the EZ Ration Processor. 

RCMR has the only square bale processor with the patented ability to blend two different feed sources, such as premium hay and cheaper roughage, dramatically decreasing feed cost.  Available in four bale or six bale truck mount units, it gives you the ability to blend in any desired ratio and change the blend on-the-go with in-cab controls.  You also have the optional ability to weigh the feed sources individually on each floor chain, allowing for even more efficiency.  In addition, silage and grain options are also available, further increasing the producer's blending and efficiency capacity.  The original EZ Ration Processors without hydraulic drive are still available in truck or tractor pull units.

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