For livestock producers, sometimes going off-road is a necessity. Whether it be checking fields, hauling mineral to cattle or fixing fence, a pick-up truck is not always the best option.

Last year, Yamaha Motor Sports released what they described as the industry’s first true three-seat Side-by-Side vehicle, the Viking.

Popularity for the Viking and striving to meet customer’s needs led to the development of the Viking VI, a six-seat Side-by-Side, doubling the passenger capacity.

“We’re always listening to customers and looking for ways to meet their need, and for those needing to haul several people to a work site off the beaten path, this is a good vehicle for them,” said Side-by-Side Product Planning Manager Travis Hollins during a product launch in Lost Pines, Texas. “You’ll find the Viking VI includes a lot of the same features as the original Viking, but we’ve also made some modifications.”

Some of the standard features includes an engine exhaust brake to give the driver more control and comfort while traveling down steep terrain and a steel cargo box.

“The steel cargo box was designed with the intention of allowing customers to have the option of making their own modifications if needed to customize the vehicle to their specific needs,” said Hollins. “It also gives added durability since the box won’t warp and break down under heavy use.”

Unique features include off-set seating, allowing for added passenger comfort, and an arched undercarriage to minimize getting stuck when taken in extreme conditions.

For more information about the Viking and the newly released Viking VI, go to The Viking VI will be available at local dealers this coming July.