Summertime means many Americans are moving their kitchens outside to the grill.

Tyson Foods understands the cravings for savory, bold flavors, and its new promotion, “Roll with the Best,” is championing better meat and better wine this summer.

This promotion, which will run July 8 – Aug. 31, will spotlight Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium Beef and Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork products through use of in-store poster, Iron Man signs and spring-loaded attention grabbers.  Read more here.

To make the best of its meat, Tyson Foods advises grillers how to cook their meat to maintain a high-quality flavor:

  • When cooking beef, Tyson Foods recommends waiting until after the meat is cooked before trimming the fat. This fat helps seal in moisture during cooking and keeps the meat tender. Also, Tyson Foods warns against piercing the steak with a fork before cooking or marinating it. Piercing the meat will cause it to dry out on the grill.
  • When cooking pork, Tyson Foods advises grilling at 145°F instead of the usual 160°F to keep the meat pink and moist.

To complement the full taste of Chairman’s Reserve Premium products, Tyson Foods suggests a selection of wines. The Chairman’s Reserve website advocates drinking red wines, like Syrah, Cabernet or Merlot, with beef, and white wines, like Chardonnay or Beaujolais, to enhance pork’s mellow sweetness. 

Read more suggestions on Tyson’s Chairman’s Reserve Meats’ website.