The glowing red hues that dominate the USDA’s Drought Monitor map of the Southeast show the region’s desperation for rain, and little relief is expected anytime soon.  

As Texas and the southern Plains slowly recover from the grips of last year’s historic drought, parts of Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama sink deeper into their own drought. According to the Drought Monitor, the first tropical storm of the Atlantic Storm season formed off 120 miles off the coast of North Carolina last week but remained offshore during its entire lifespan. As a result, the limited precipitation made only negligible impacts in providing drought relief along the southern Atlantic Coast.

Just 23 percent of the Southeast remains without any sort of abnormal dryness, which is a slight improvement from last week’s 17 percent. Fifty-two percent of the region is said to be in moderate to exceptional drought.

The USDA’s Objective Long-Term Drought Indicator showed no signs of drought relief in the near future. Check out the map here.  NOAA’s Seasonal Drought Outlook showed signs of limited improvement for the region through August 31, primarily in Florida.