Colorado-based JBS USA could be facing more than $83,000 in fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for 20 safety violations at its local meatpacking plant.

Eleven of these violations were considered serious. OSHA also reported one repeat violation and eight considered “other-than-serious” safety and health violations.

"Abating OSHA violations is a sign that an employer wants to keep its workers safe, but in this case, the employer allowed these hazards to reoccur and continued to expose workers to possible amputation hazards, among others," said Herb Gibson, OSHA's area director in Denver. "Employers must take the steps necessary to eliminate hazards from the workplace."

Included in the violations were exposing workers to fall hazards, failing to properly guard machinery, not locking out equipment energy sources prior to performing maintenance work and failing to use safe work practices for electric elements. Click here to read OSHA’s statement.

According to the Northern Colorado Business Report, JBS USA was notified of the alleged violates on May 31.  

"We will be meeting with OSHA this week to go over them in a detailed manner one-by-one to determine remedies and how to go forward," the spokesman said. "We'll go through that process and ultimately come to a final outcome with our partners at OSHA to outcome with our partners at OSHA to ensure the safety of our employees."

JBS USA has 15 days from receipt of the citations to comply, request an informal conference or contest the findings.  Read more here.