Optibrand has announced the launch of ClearView ID, which is its next generation retinal imaging system for capturing livestock retinal images, other animal identification, and production data. 

The ClearView ID replaces the company’s original OptiReader® device which is recognized as the gold standard in secure livestock identification.

The ClearView ID is an all new system consisting of two hardware components – the camera and a Windows based tablet.  The camera has enhanced optics and imaging software that captures high definition color images. 

The camera is coupled with a feature rich Windows based tablet with touch screen capabilities.  Many enhanced features allow for easier operation and quicker capture of quality images with many editing options that can be done in the field. 

Both hardware components have been designed for ruggedness for increased reliability.

For more information or to order ClearView ID, call 866.356.0879 or email jenny.brown@summitviewsolutions.net