A cattle producer finishing a head count after moving cattle realized 23 cows and 32 calves were missing from his herd of Black Angus herd.

Over 50 cows and calves stolen from Minnesota farmInvestigators believe the animals, worth nearly $50,000, were taken sometime in the past 10 days from the farm outside Henning, Minn.

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is upset about the financial loss and is worried more animals will be taken.

"It's going to be a huge hit on my paycheck."

The rancher told ABC 6 he has a hunch the animals were taken overnight in a span of 10 minutes.

The owner was moving the calves back home after weaning and expected to sell them for at least $24,000. He’s now considering an off-farm job to cover the losses.

"That would have been the profit for the year, so I have no profit to live on."