The Public Lands Council (PLC) recently went live with its Sage Grouse Database, a library containing documents that support the continued presence of public lands ranching on the range as Sage Grouse conservation planning efforts unfold. Grazing is compatible with and beneficial to Sage Grouse habitat conservation, and this library is intended provide members of the public lands grazing community with the scientific, legal, and policy resources to support that fact as plans develop west-wide. The documents provide a balanced perspective and sound scientific information that should shape the policy decisions and legal proceedings that are rapidly developing.

The library was funded by PLC and the Public Lands Endowment Trust and developed under contract by Resource Concepts, Inc., a public lands consulting group based in Carson City, Nevada. Find the database at or the Public Lands Council website.

Please feel free to use and share this information widely, and send feedback using this link.

Colorado will use this inventory of information to enhance the body of knowledge being used to develop the state’s Greater Sage Grouse conservation report to the Fish and Wildlife Service.  This report will outline all conservation measures benefiting the grouse from the past, currently underway and slated for the future.