The same musical trio who gave us “I’m Farming and I Grow it” and “Farmer Style” are at it again, but this time they are using less music and more experience to educate consumers.

A new video series created by the same musical trio who gave us “I’m a Farmer and I Grow it” and “Farming Style” shows consumers that farmers do more than drive tractors all day.

Peterson brothers begin new video seriesIn their first video of their new “Life of a Farmer” series, the brothers take the audience on what it takes to keep their fields and cows happy. From feeding cows, spreading manure and caring for sick cows, work on the farm is never done.

They also discuss why college is necessary for future farmers.  

Click on the video above to watch the first video on the series. Another video is expected in February.

While its popularity may pale in comparison to their hit music parodies, the video does help educate consumers. Many comments left for the video support not only the Peterson brothers but also for the farmers who feed them.

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