The Peterson Brothers
The Peterson Brothers

Kansas pride shows in the latest pro-ag parody from the Peterson Farm Brothers.

Sponsored by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, the popular Peterson trio turned the Village People’s “YMCA” into “The Land of Kansas.”

“’From the Land of Kansas’ is our state's agricultural trademark program, facilitated by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, that helps to brand, support and celebrate Kansas agricultural products and services from the farm all the way to the fork,” the brothers said about the song on their YouTube page.

Lyrics of the song include

“We have everything, that a person could need, Fuel and crops, food and machinery.”

“Producers, we'll connect you with stores, hotels, restaurants, food services and more, Consumers, we'll help you open the door To all sorts of Kansas products!”

Click the video above to watch the full parody. 

According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, one in five Kansans work in jobs related to agriculture and food production. The state is a leader in many agriculture industries, including grain and beef production. Read more about Kansas agriculture here.

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