KIRKSVILLE, Mo. – Cattle producers who want to know more about pinkeye will find many sources of information at the Missouri Livestock Symposium, Dec. 7-8 at Kirksville Middle School.

Veterinarian Bruce Addison, a pinkeye expert and owner of Addison Biological Laboratory in Fayette, Mo., will be among the nationally known guest speakers at the event, which is organized by a committee comprised of 20 members representing all aspects of the livestock industry.

Pinkeye in cattle, a highly contagious and costly disease, results in inflammation of the membrane lining the eyelid and eyeball. Without prompt treatment, afflicted livestock lose weight or gain less weight and may suffer eye damage, leading to extra costs for producers and steep discounts at the sale barn.

Addison Biological Laboratory has been recognized as Exporter of the Year by the Missouri Department of Economic Development and received a regional Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout the two-day event, pinkeye expert Gary Snowder of the University of Nevada at Reno will speak. Snowder previously served as an associate director of a national research center at Texas A&M University and was a senior research geneticist with USDA. Craig Payne, University of Missouri Extension veterinarian, will serve on a panel discussing pinkeye, and will also address bluetongue and bull infertility related to pour-ons and insecticides.

The free event includes a 4 p.m. panel discussion on pinkeye by Addison, Payne and Snowder, in addition to individual sessions earlier in the day.

Program and trade show details are available at For more information, contact Bruce Lane, Adair County MU Extension Center, at 660-665-9866 or Pre-registration is not required.