Police were able to track down most of the nearly 50 cattle stolen from Massachusetts by checking one of the closest sale stables, a few states away.

The owner of the missing cattle suspected the thief may take his cattle to New Holland, Pa., one of the closest places the animals could be sold. New Holland is about 350 miles away from where the cattle were stolen in Dartmouth, Mass.

A tip Sunday night led police to 39 of the stolen cattle in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley. The other 10 remain missing.

According to KSDK, the cattle would sell for an estimated $50,000. Although no arrests have been made, police will be able to find the cattle rustler with the help of the sale stable.

"Whenever the sale stable takes an animal they have to know who dropped them off," Heiss told KSDK. "So they have the information about how the animals came down."

More importantly, the cattle were returned to their owner who drove to Pennsylvania Monday to claim his cows.