Are you promoting your feeder calves the best that you can?

Are you implementing a pre-conditioning program on your calves?  If so, are you making sure that potential buyers know what you have invested your time and resources into making sure these calves are ready to transition smoothly to the next phase of beef production?  This means sharing what you have done with potential buyers either with/through your marketing partner or directly with buyers.

If you are not sharing this information, you may be leaving money on the table.

With feeder calf prices as high as they are many buyers see extra benefit in knowing that a group of calves is at lower risk to sickness and morbidity because they have been well prepared, thought a pre-conditioning program,  to make the journey and transition to their next home.  This information may result in higher prices for the calves, but only if it is shared with potential buyers.

To help feeder calf producers document and promote their calves, UW Extension Agriculture Agents Sandy Stuttgen DVM, and Bill Halfman have prepared a fact sheet on pre-conditioning and a form that beef producers can use to document and help promote what they have done to pre-condition their calves.  Links below will take you to the materials.

Pre-Conditioning Record Form (pdf)

Pre-Conditioning Fact Sheet (pdf)