Dawn Caldwell, producer from Edgar, Neb., and vice chair of the checkoff’s Evaluation Committee, reports about how the recent Return on Investment (ROI) of beef checkoff assessments study validates what she’s always known about the checkoff program.

“No, I’m really excited about how the ROI turned out," Caldwell said. "You never know when you turn in something like that, you always hope you’re getting better and better at what you’re doing. We were able to verify that with the results of this study. Dr. Kaiser who did the work, is so thorough and I really appreciate the effort he puts into it. You know we’re all in the same boat with what we’re able to do with our dollars and so he lets us know how well we’re utilizing those dollars. And that 11.2 to 1 return - that’s big news. I like that.” 

Caldwell says Kaiser explained how changes in program-area funding moving forward will impact the benefit-cost ratio for each program area.

“We’re able to know which programs have had the most effect with each dollar, but we also know that, and he explained this to us, the absence of any one of those programs may dilute the entire thing," Caldwell said. "So we’ve created a really great situation where everything fits together well.”

Caldwell says she shared the good news with fellow producers and talks about their reaction.

“I just got done sharing this good news with some fellow producers from Nebraska and they were elated," Caldwell said. "And so you know there might be some folks out there who might be really skeptical about the checkoff and what it does for them on their operation and this gives us that tool to talk to them that says, you know, your dollar is doing some good and your dollar is helping market beef both in the U.S. and globally. ”