Given that ranching and farming are a part of America’s rich history, it is no surprise that a few candidates running for office this year are involved in agriculture. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Vice President of Government Affairs Colin Woodall said candidates who understand that agriculture is an integral part of America’s economy are garnering the support of cattlemen and women across the country.

“These candidates understand what it is like to work on a farm or ranch,” Woodall said. “They truly understand that agriculture is the backbone of America, and that our cattlemen and women work tirelessly to provide the safest, best quality beef to our country and around the world.”

Thomas Massie, a Republican candidate for Congress in Kentucky’s 4th District, may be an engineer by day, but is also a farmer. According to Massie’s campaign website, he believes that Washington can best serve the agriculture industry by reforming the tax code and streamlining regulation, making it fair and predictable. Massie is running against Democratic challenger Bill Adkins.

Republican congressional candidate Roger Williams is expected to win Texas’ 25th District. Williams, a former Texas Secretary of State and college baseball player, is also a rancher. Williams, Democratic opponent Elaine Henderson and Libertarian challenger Betsy Dewey are all attempting to reach voters in the large district.

Newcomer Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is a sixth-generation Arkansan and cattleman. After earning his law degree and serving in the military, Cotton returned to Arkansas to help run the family business and is running for a House seat in Arkansas’ 4th District, a seat being vacated by Rep. Mike Ross. Cotton is running against candidates from the Democratic, Libertarian and Green parties.

In Georgia, state representative Lee Anderson is running for a Congressional seat in the state’s 12th District. Anderson, a Georgia native, was raised on his family’s farm, which he currently owns and operates. Polls show that Anderson is in a tight race against Democratic incumbent and challenger John Barrow.

California candidate Kim Vann comes into the state’s 3rd District with a farming background. Vann is a fourth-generation rancher and is a former country supervisor in California. Vann is running against incumbent Rep. John Garamendi (D).

“Farmers and ranchers are the primary example of American entrepreneurship and stewardship of natural resources,” said Woodall. “These candidates have a vested interest in the future of American agriculture.”