Agriculture just became a little more entertaining thanks to a new music video by the Peterson Farm Bros, a pro-agriculture group from Kansas. Their parody takes on “I'm Sexy and I Know it” to show that they are “farmers and [they] grow it.”

Among the lyrics:

“When I'm up at seven, the sunrise gives me a glimpse of heaven; I get right to work, a farmer's life can be a little berserk.”

“This is how I roll; I feed the cattle till their stomachs are full. Treat ‘em right, that's my belief.” 

“What's for dinner? I say beef!”

The mini-music video is the latest from the brothers, who have been posting pro-agriculture videos to their YouTube page since November 2011. “I’m a farmer and I grow it” is their first shot at parody fame. The video was posted on Monday, and between Tuesday and Friday morning, views had jumped from 3,000 to more than 1.6 million . It has now also been posted on Facebook, Pinterest and featured on a multitude of websites. 

One of the comments left for the video even indicated that the user had submitted the video to "The Ellen Show," opening even more possibilities of pro-agriculture exposure. The brothers have since been featured in many mainstream-media articles and also appeared on FOX & Friends morning television show. Learn more about their pro-agriculture message here.

Agriculture-related parodies have become a major hit among both supports and agriculture producers, including these three from 2011: