Producers who participate in the Red Angus Association of America’s (RAAA) Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) now have an opportunity to market finished cattle to Tyson on a grid offering significant premiums for Quality Grade. Speaking at the Leachman Cattle of Colorado Red Angus Association launches new quality-based grid with Tysonpre-sale seminar last weekend, RAAA’s director of breed growth Myron Edelman described the new program, which is called “Choice+.”

The program launched on February 1, and is for FCCP-enrolled cattle marketed to Tyson Foods. The Red Angus FCCP provides verification of age and source, along with traceability to at least one Red Angus parent for enrolled calves. The new Choice+ grid provides a potential market for those cattle coming out of the feedyard, with premiums increasing based on the grading percentage of a load.

Edelman says the grid provides thresholds for premiums, with premiums increasing as the percentage of Choice cattle in a load moves from 65 percent to 75 percent or higher. The grid also offers higher premiums for cattle grading in the upper two-thirds of Choice and even higher for Prime. Edelman says the program offers some of the highest premiums yet for Red Angus cattle, with incentives equivalent to “Angus” premiums for cattle that grade upper two-thirds Choice or Prime.

Tyson, he says, will use the Choice+ program to procure cattle to supply several of the company’s premium, branded beef product lines based on high USDA Quality Grade.

For more information on harvesting FCCP-tagged cattle on the new Choice+ Red Angus grid, contact Myron Edelman, RAAA director of breed growth, at 307-351-6032.