What started as an agreement to share herd responsibilities on land in Florida ended with one stealing more than $100,000 in cattle, bull semen and farm equipment.

The alleged cattle thief, Jeremy Bryan Best, entered an agreement with a cattle producer in Lakeland, Fla., in 2011. Although a contract was never signed, the two had an agreement to share land for 50 head of cattle and two bulls owned by the two separately. Best agreed to care for the cattle, the other man would provide the land and pay for supplies.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Best is accused of selling five heifers, two bulls, two trailers and a feeder for the $23,500 and keeping the money for himself. In October 2012, Best moved 40 head of cattle to Georgia.

Best, 31, was arrested June 21 and faces charges of grand theft, dealing in stolen property and fraud. Some of the charges stem from a accusation of attempting to sell 513 straws of bull semen worth $20,000 without the owners knowledge.

Additionally, a Statham farmer will file a civil suit, claiming Best owes him over $2,800 for housing and feeding the stolen cattle.

The Athens Banner-Herald reports Best has waived extradition to Florida.