The Department of Labor’s proposed changes to the child labor laws aren’t sitting well with U.S. Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kan. 

For Moran, overreaching by the DOL threatens life on the farm. In a commentary for POLITICO, Moran discussed how these proposed changes would impact the nation’s farm families and ag-based youth programs, such as the FFA and 4-H.

Moran also questioned the background of the writers behind the proposed regulation changes.

"The level of detail and specificity of Labor’s proposed regulation makes one wonder whether anyone responsible for this rule ever worked on a farm or ranch,” Moran wrote.

In response to the proposal, Moran and follow Senator John Thune (R.-S.D.) recently introduced legislation to prevent the DOL from implementing the proposed changes. According to Moran, the bill had 42 co-sponsors.

Read the entire commentary here.  

The proposed changes were introduced last year, and since then a variety of groups and leaders have voiced their opposition to the changes, which limit farm activities for youth under the age of 16. Recently, the Nebraska Farm Bureau launched their “Let Me Get My Hands Dirty” campaign to defend the right for youth to work on agricultural operations.