Agriculture is a dangerous industry, but just how risky is it? While it makes Bankrate, Inc.’s top 10 of most dangerous jobs, agriculture is overshadowed by seven other risky professions.

Coming in at No. 8, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that agriculture has a fatality rate of 26.1 per 100,000 workers. 

“Working the land may be one of the oldest professions, but new efficient technology has done little to make the job any safer,” Bankrate explained. “Long hours and close, consistent contact with heavy machinery and equipment represent the bulk of injuries and fatalities on the job, which is largely represented by transportation incidents.”

Jobs ranked more dangerous than farming include

  1. Fishing, with a fatality rate of 127.3 per 100,000 workers
  2. Logging workers, with a fatality rate of 104 per 100,000 workers
  3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers, with a fatality rate of 56.1 per 100,000 workers
  4. Refuse and recyclable material collectors, with a fatality rate of 36.4 per 100,000 workers
  5. Roofers, 34.1 per 100,000 workers
  6. Structural iron and steel workers, 30.3 per 100,000 workers
  7. Helpers, construction trades, 26.8 per 100,000 workers

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The National Safety Council, however, lists agriculture as the most hazardous industry in the United States. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a fact sheet to help keep agricultural workers safe, including improving farm safety and recognizing risk factors on farms. Click here more.