A new exhibition displaying innovation in American agriculture is coming to Washington and can only get better with contributions by those who continue to feed the world today.

With fewer Americans working directly with agriculture, the Agriculture Innovation and Heritage Archive is building an exhibit to let visitors know how less than two percent of America’s population feeds country.

Smithsonian exhibit tracks 70 years of change in agricultureThe Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is collecting stories, photos, videos, audio files and other ephemera for an 8,000-square-foot exhibition that will open in 2015.

Items will be weaved together to show how agriculture has become more efficient and sustainable over time. According to the website, the exhibit will focus on agriculture, but will also explore the impact the industry has on rural communities, finance, science and retail.

 Smithsonian curator Peter Liebhold told KCUR a group of Illinois farmers thought there should be an Ag Hall in the museum and he agreed. The museum is now asking for farmers and rural communities to contribute to the new hall by submitting items online.

Liebhold is hoping to gather enough information for the exhibit through online submissions.

"And for us this is a grand experiment. We’re not sure if it’s really going to work. It’s outside of our comfort zone, but it’s something that we should do," Liebhold told KCUR.

The section dedicated to farming and ranching is part of the American Enterprise exhibition.

Farmers are encouraged to share their stories here.