Dodge Ram's Super Bowl commercial only lasted a few minutes, but it has quickly become one of the top-ranked advertisements that was featured during the game. Now, less than two weeks after its Super Bowl debut, “So, God Made a Farmer,” narrated by legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, has now been viewed more than 18 million times. Click here to view the commercial.

As one national headline pointed out last week, God may have made farmers, but it's the Super Bowl that made them stars.  The popularity of the commercial isn't just benefiting Ram Trucks - it's also benefiting future agricultural producers. 

According to a Chrysler news release, the Ram Truck brand is following through on its pledge to make a donation to the National FFA Organization for every view of the “Farmer” advertisement. It took less than a week to reach 10 million views, earning the FFA a $1 million donation.

"The compelling images in the video of America's heartland mated with Harvey's 'So God Made a Farmer' words resonated with viewers nationwide," said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC. "We set out to create a call-to-action to support farmers and to recognize their place as the foundation of the American character and are gratified with the dialog the video sparked."

Read the full release here.

As Colleen Scherer, Managing Editor for AgProfessional magazine, noted in a commentary, the enthusiasm surrounding the “Farmer” commercial goes beyond the fact that the “ad was a fist-pump to agriculture.”

“As the world continues to struggle for producing enough food to meet the growing demand of the rising middle class globally, the ad was timed perfectly to remind everyone of the need for farmers,” Scherer wrote. “For at least one moment in time, the ad reached a global audience and reminded the world that we need farmers, and that is something all of agriculture can be proud to support.”

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