The Wyoming Premium Heifer program will hold its first annual sales for bred and replacement heifers in November 2012 and January 2013. 

The program, a joint venture with the University of Wyoming’s Animal Science Department and the Wyoming Business Council’s Agribusiness Division, is designed to develop and market bred and replacement heifer calves that are certified under a standard set of guidelines.  For more on this program and the value of proven heifers, read “High on heifers” from Drovers/CattleNetwork. Over 2,000 head of certified heifers will be offered through the program this first year with a larger offering of bred heifers than replacement heifer calves.  All certified heifers are required to have an official program tag. 

The first special sale for bred heifers will be held Nov. 12 and for replacement heifer calves on Nov. 14.  Both sales will be managed by Torrington Livestock Markets.  The January special sale will be managed by Buffalo Livestock Auction and held on Jan. 9 for bred heifers and replacement heifer calves.  

All sales will begin at 1 p.m. (MST) and will be conducted by Cattle USA via video at  Buyers can register at Cattle USA or call the auction markets.

“This program has some of the best replacement females the state of Wyoming has to offer,” said John Henn, Livestock and Meat Marketing Program Manager at the Business Council.  “Producers certifying heifers in this program see the added value of the alternative market it can provide for their cattle, and it also enables them to reach out of state markets.  Cow-calf producers throughout the country looking to source quality replacement heifers that have been managed according to a set protocol will find this offering exceptional.”

Potential buyers may view the certified cattle listing and program guidelines on the Wyoming Beef Cattle List at or call Henn at 307-777-2847 for more information on the program.

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