The Tarrant Regional Water District will continue to look for water to support its growing population following a Supreme Court decision last week that rejected its claim to water stored in reservoirs in Oklahoma.

According to NPR’s State Impact, in Tarrant Regional Water District v. Herrman, Rufolf J, et al, the water district claimed that it wanted to buy water from reservoirs in Oklahoma, but was unable to because of laws that were passed preventing it.

The district claimed that under the 1980 Red River Compact, Texas and Oklahoma would equally share the water from the Red River.

The district wanted water flowing south out of Oklahoma from the river, but by the time the water reaches the Texas border, they claim it is unusable.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold a court’s earlier decision that the agreement does not pre-empt Oklahoma’s water statutes.

The water district’s general manager Jim Oliver told NPR that the district will continue to explore opportunities to continue to meet its growing district’s needs.