A new survey finds consumers are considering more than just price and value when selecting products from the meat aisle, opting for products that will make dinner easier and faster to prepare.

The Power of Meat survey, released Tuesday by American Meat Institute (AMI) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), reveals high income shoppers are willing to pay more for heat-and-eat and ready-to-eat meats. They are also paying more attention to products that are easy and less time-consuming to prepare.

The survey marks a change in consumer habits from the previous two years when price and value carried the weight in purchasing decisions. Shoppers still found ways to save money in 2012, switching between brands, species and cuts of meat. Higher income families did make a move towards more national brands.

Other poll questions show consumers are serving less protein at dinner, down from 4.1 to 3.6 meals per week and, in an effort to save money, portion sizes have become smaller. The number of consumers eating meat and poultry at least one time per week remained steady at 93 percent.

Poll results show 26 percent of respondents purchased organic and/or natural meat and poultry.

The national online poll included 1,425 consumers.