As beef prices remain near record highs, many restaurants are shying away from promoting beef and steak. Taco Bell is resisting the trend, testing new product options with a double portion of steak.

The company will begin testing its Power Protein menu in 40 stores around Dayton, Ohio beginning July 25. If the menu items test well the Power Protein Burrito and Power Protein Bowl could be released on a wider scale.

Taco Bell Chief Executive Greg Creed told the Los Angeles Times he isn’t worried about rising beef prices. He says the company is grouped with Pizza Hut and KFC in the Yum supply chain, giving them the best possible prices on ingredients.

Both the burrito and bowl offer double portions of steak or chicken, with at least 23 grams of protein, while remaining under 420 calories. The steak and chicken bowls have less than 300 calories each.

The Los Angeles Times reports Taco Bell is trying to attract more business with healthful choices. Taco Bell is also testing zero-calorie drinks.