The Paleo or Paleolithic diet is all-the-new craze across all ages and walks-of-life. Fast food giant, Taco Bell has finally caught on.

Taco Bell jumps aboard the protein power wagonStarting tomorrow Taco Bell will unveil their new Cantina Power menu, spearheaded by the $5.19 steak Power Bowl.

Other items include a steak Power Burrito with a double serving of meat and 29 grams of protein and a chicken Power Bowl with 28 grams of protein.

Not only has the fast-food joint jumped on the beef side, but has also taken a page out of dairy’s book. As a breakfast edition you can dive into their Power Greek Yogurt, appealing to low-carb, high protein dieters with its 17 grams of protein and 240 calories.

A news release by Taco Bell earlier this month stated, “We’ve evolved the Cantina platform based on consumer feedback. We heard customers requesting a higher protein solution with the flavors Cantina delivers, so here is Cantina Power.”

To see the full Power menu click here.