Canadian Cattlemen reports a Saskatoon, Canada company has received $750,000 in funding to market a genetic tool which tells feedlots how long to feed cattle to achieve optimum weight.

The Agri-Opportunities funding allows Quantum Genetics Canada to commercialize its management services system. The tool helps feedlot operators review DNA and genotyping to figure feeding schedules and find when cattle reach target body fat.

The tool makes feeding more efficient as operators will know when cattle have reached their target weight and additional feeding will not yield additional results. The tool also creates cattle with higher value, measuring the cattle’s expected marbling and tenderness.

The repayable funding has already expanded Quantum Genetics’ business, allowing it to add 30 jobs in the Saskatchewan. Quantum Genetics signed a global distribution deal with Merial in 2003, but that contract ended about a year and a half ago.

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Source: Canadian Cattlemen