Two teenage boys have admitted to fatally shooting 24 cows on pastures belonging to three Kentucky farms.

The step-brothers admitted to shooting the cows over the course of three days. One operated the four-wheeler while the other would ride on the back and shoot the animals. WYMT reports the boys admitted responsibility to Bell County Sheriff Bruce Bennett, saying they “didn’t have anything else to do that day.”

WATE reports most of the cows were shot in the head or face. The sheriff’s office found four-wheeler tracks and 12-gauge shotgun rounds, there were .22-caliber shells that were used.

The four farmers initially found 12 cattle with gunshot wounds, but as they found more dead animals they increased the reward to $1,500. Carroll Gibbons, one of the farmers with lost cattle, is glad the culprits were arrested.

"I think the punishment ought to be appropriate for the crime. I'd like to see these boys' lives made better by knowing this is wrong," Gibbons.told WYMT

Limited information is available about the teenagers who will be charged in Juvenile Court. Both boys are charged with felony criminal mischief for killing animals valued at $40,000.