An overturned cattle trailer on Highway 150 east of New Waverly, Texas trapped 67 head of cattle inside over the weekend.

A coalition of local firefighters, troopers from the Texas Department of Safety, and deputies from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene Sunday to assist the trapped livestock.

Two cows were killed in the overturn. Limited ventilation put the remaining 65 cows at risk of overheating while the crew tried to remove them from the trailer. Many of the cattle were trapped on their sides, making it difficult to guide the fallen cows through the gate at the back of the trailer.

The firefighters, assisted by a group of local cowboys, created a hole in the roof of the trailer and used a makeshift ramp to lead the imprisoned cattle to a nearby pasture.

The team vacated all of the cattle from the trailer within 90 minutes. Additional trailers arrived for the cattle to continue their journey.

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