Dripping Springs School District in Texas has a pilot program that gives students meatless meals every Monday at lunch in all three of its elementary schools. If students want to eat meals containing meat, they must bring a lunch from home. Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner, isn’t too excited about the program, the Associated Press reports.

Dripping Springs School District’s elementary schools aren’t the only ones in Texas with meat-free Monday lunches. Some schools in the Houston school district also have meatless meals on Mondays. The head of childhood nutrition services for the Hays County district John Crowley said the purpose of having meat-free Mondays is to promote healthy and environmentally conscientious eating, according to the Associated Press.

This Monday’s meal offerings included black-bean burritos and a vegetarian chili with cornbread, with baby carrots and sliced peaches. The schools’ other meatless meals have included cheese sandwiches, cheese ravioli, spinach salad and vegetarian soups.

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