USDA announced that it had accepted contracts covering 1.7 million acres into the Conservation Reserve Program with the contracts taking effect in the 2014 fiscal year. Farmers offered a total of 1.9 million acres in the sign-up period that ended in June. Since contracts covering 3.3 million acres expire at the end of September, the size of the program will decline and roughly 1.6 million acres that have been in the program will be available for crop production in 2014. At this time the amount of land in the Conservation Reserve Program is just over 26.8 million acres. However, the new data indicate that acreage enrollment will fall to 25.1 million acres in October. The state level data of the land offered and accepted are not yet available. Once it is we can see where the changes in acreage will occur. The size of the CRP also declined by 1.6 million acres last year.