University of Nebraska Extension specialists recently presented a webinar series on sustainable use of crop residues for cow-calf and yearling operations. Historic high crop prices and drought conditions, they note, have contributed to record-high forage prices, making residue utilization as feed a key consideration for crop farmers and beef producers.

All the presentations from the webinar series now are available online, along with PDF files of slide sets the presenters used. Presentation topics include:

  • Situation Economic Analysis
  • Using Crop Residues to Limit Feed Cows
  • Improving Crop Residues Nutritional Attributes
  • Crop Residue: The Great Opportunity for Nebraska Agriculture
  • Grazing Corn Residue
  • Corn Stalks Add Value for Nebraska
  • Annual Forage Options
  • Apps and support

Find the presentations and documents on the UNL beef website.